Vision, Mission, Goal

Vision, Mission, Goal

“Cross Fellowship Church exists to glorify God by making disciples of all nations.”


From the beginning of Scripture to the end, we clearly see that God’s supreme passion and chief objective for all that He does is the display of His glory. Furthermore, we are convinced that it is in Christ, and specifically His atoning work on the cross, that God’s glory shines most clearly and brightly. Therefore, our supreme desire is to make much of Christ and magnify the gospel for the sake of displaying the incomparable glory of God for all the world to see.


Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ who are compelled by the gospel to love God supremely, one another humbly, and the world sacrificially.


We will strive to sacrificially give our time, energy, and resources towards becoming a mission-sending base which develops disciples of Jesus and deploys them all over the planet. We long for God’s glory to be extended to the ends of the earth as disciples who know, love, and glorify Him are multiplied in every tongue, tribe, and nation.